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Jet Laggin' and Goan All Out.

Fatigued but happy.

sunny 33 °C

Jet lag.

Not a great thing to kick off a backpacking journey but inevitable. It's not that we are really tired during the day, we just have the sleep patterns at night of an infant. We fall asleep at 8pm, Derek wakes up crying at midnight and needs a snack then both of us need to be drugged to get back to sleep (that's what parents do, right? haha). Thank god for Benedryl... and gravol... and booze. Kidding! (well I was serious about the Benedryl and gravol).

Otherwise, we've been able to take this area in a bit more. We walked about 2kms (not my decision as I am breaking in my sandals and felt like I might need a cart to lug me the rest of the way) towards the 'city' which is adorable. Went to a movie last night, saw 'Zero Dark Thirty' at this incredible cinema with seats that lounged back, assigned seating and even an intermission! Genius!

This morning we walked around looking for something to eat and found out apparently nothing in this area opens until at least 9am but we did check out this little pastry shop. It was so good and the owner was really friendly. His elderly mother sits in the corner while he works and she is Portugese and Goan. The history here is really interesting. He set up a couple chairs and a small table while we had these delicious mushroom and onion pastries, grilled chutney and cheese sandwiches (seriously so good!) and mango juice. (Derek just said, 'it sounds so strange when you write it out like that!')

We just packed up our things and now we're getting ready to head to our next location about 2 hours south of here, a spot called Benaulim which is close to the waterfalls that we wanted to check out. It was kind of sad to leave this area as we walked through the town, the locals kind of 'know us' or at least know we're foreigners and we're friendly. Lots waved goodbye from their balconies or front doors with their children also waving. It was adorable! Amazingly nice people - if only they knew what we were really like... haha.

Off to the next spot!


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Curry and Cankles.

Canada to Mumbai to Goa

sunny 33 °C

Well. Here we are! Sitting at an internet cafe in central Goa. It has been incredibly surreal that we are actually here at this moment. Still feel like it's a bit of a dream but we tend to 'wake up' to realities as we go along such as the man spitting loogies out of the rickshaw while smoking a cigarette (and shielding yourself from getting hit) or the smell of an open sewer system. Sigh... but such is life! On the other hand, the positive realities outweigh any negatives, the people are absolutely amazing and so kind/beautiful.

We flew into Mumbai on Monday and stayed at this hostel near the airport because we were hitching a flight to Goa the next day. We were exhausted and slept on and off for about 12 hours. I was lucky to get a hold of a few people at home, including Maria on Skype. As we are talking, I look at my feet and realize they have swelled up like balloons. I had cankles. They literally just started to return to normal today. So now I have partial cankles. Let's just say walking has been interesting as has breaking in my flip flops (ok not so much fun at all).

Goa is pretty cool, we're in the central area and there was a Portugese settlement here at one point so the buildings are very Portugese/European. Lots of bright colors - blue, yellow, red, it's gorgeous. We are staying at an apartment about 5kms from the 'city' and there are no other foreigners (like us) around which is awesome. We have a 2 bedroom apartment with AC and fans, living room, full kitchen, 2 showers, 3 toilets (not sure why) and an amazing view. Get this... it costs us $30/night.

We attempted the beach this AM nearby and I was really cautious about not 'exposing' too much, it seemed like a very local beach so Derek went for a swim sans t-shirt and let's just say he got quite a bit of attention. It was pretty hilarious, his glaring white skin in the water caused some locals to come and take pictures of him in the water. I couldn't stop laughing. It's like there was a whale sighting (not that he's the size of a whale - you know what I mean) near the shore and a crowd gathered. So funny.

Ok so the food. OH MY GOD. Since we've been in India, we have eaten possibly the BEST food we've ever had in our lives. The curry lists are endless and I just don't understand how they can taste so good. Also, we've been opting for vegetarian and you wouldn't even know the meat is missing. Actually, most of the time we feel the meat might even take away from the curry. I can't even describe the food... its just INCREDIBLE. Now... as for the aftermath of the curry on the ol' digestive tract, I am not going to go there. Hah.

We're here 2 more nights and then are planning on going inland to the second highest waterfall in India at 603 meters, a place called Dudhsagar Falls. Should be interesting!

Other than that, we are adjusting to the time change/heat but it's totally manageable!

I'm sure things will only get more interesting, especially with Tracy and Neil in the mix in 2 weeks!


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Test run.

Well. Thought I would do a little test run of the time leading up to our departure to make sure this is all in perfect working order.

Nine days to go. When I'm not dreaming of laying on a beach and eating amazing food, the butterflies in my stomach remind me of this huge change about to happen for us. The butterflies remind me that I will also most likely encounter some type of horrible GI disturbance, will be covered in mosquito bite welts, and Derek and I will probably see each other in situations we never thought a couple should (ever) see each other in. I may have nightmares after this. Hah.

Giving up our jobs, moving, and spending 6 months as our sometimes preferred 'hobo-like' selves - it's a tad scary and overwhelming. Nothing is certain at this point but I love it.

Life can be so scheduled and routine and although there's are times for that, now is the time to take for us to take advantage of being unattached and continue to live our 20's to the fullest! Derek and I are both aware we'll be working well into our adult life, will probably have no pension and may even encounter health issues that could prevent us from doing the things we want to.

The great thing about working in healthcare (especially long term care!) - you learn very quickly that life is short. Seriously. I have learned the greatest life lessons from the all the people I work with or have worked with including coworkers, residents, families and patients.

For anyone that knows me well, I tend to self reflect often. These themes may come out continually over the next 6 months. Please do not hate me for it.

Will attempt to write as much as I can!


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